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South Oxhey Baptist Church


South Oxhey is a large estate, mainly consisting of what was originally local authority housing, on the outskirts of Watford. Although a Baptist church has existing in South Oxhey since the estate was built in the 1950s, the church building was always intended to be the church hall. By the early 2000s, growth in attendance (and specifically lack of room for children’s activities), persuaded the church to embark on the journey to build a new building which would finally see the original vision fulfilled. Planning permission was granted in 2005 for a new building housing a new worship area and lounge, with the existing church becoming the church hall as originally intended.


Funding restrictions dictated an extended construction period for this project. The shell of the building was completed in the Spring of 2009, but interior fitting-out and landscaping was delayed until the following year, with the refurbishment of the original building being completed as a separate phase after that.









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